Teaching Programme Winter 2016

Posted on Mar 12, 2016 in News


Encountering Jesus (studies in John’s gospel)

John Percival
24 Jan The true leader (John 6:1-24)
31 Jan The true bread (John 6:25-40)
7 Feb The true life (John 6:41-59)
14 Feb The true disciples (John 6:60-71)

Henry Craig
21 Feb What did Jesus say about prayer?

Philip Percival
28 Feb Wired for worship (Psalm 95)

God’s Living Word

John Percival
6 Mar The Bible and inspiration – why should I read it?
13 Mar The Bible and authority – what is its role in my life?
20 Mar The Bible and sufficiency – is it all we need?
25 Mar Good Friday service
27 Mar Easter Sunday Praise