Songs Of Promise, studies in psalms.






1, Trusting in God’s help, Psalm 121
Henry Craig, 18th June 2017, ppt.

2, Crying from the depths ( Waiting for forgiveness). Psalm 130
Nigel Gurr, 25th June 2017, notes.

3,The blessing of unity, Psalm 133
Wayne Mok, 2nd July 2017, notes.

4,Fearing God, Psalm 128
Henry Craig, 9th July 2017, ppt.

5,Healing the brokenhearted, Psalm 147
Nigel Gurr, 16th July 2017, notes.

6,The God who remembers, Psalm 132 (cancelled due to Typhoon 8)
Niels Van de Kasteele, 23rd July 2017, notes.

7,The searching God, Psalm 139
Wayne Mok, 30th July 2017, notes.