Originally from England, Rob and Elaine Hartland have been part of Ambassador since 1987. They founded and developed Bethany Ministries on Cheung Chau where many hundreds of Christian workers serving throughout Asia, continue to come each year for care and ministry.

In 2007, however, they felt that God was calling them to the Philippines and so they left Hong Kong.  They moved to the rural Philippines where they provide much needed pastoral care and counseling for Christian workers in organizations that work with the very poor. These organizations are involved with providing food, livelihood and medical programs; others run orphanages or serve in hospitals or with prison ministries.

Rob & Elaine

Rob and Elaine also provide teaching and training for local pastors and other Christian workers.  In times of personal or national crisis they seek to help individuals in need with relief supplies or urgent medical assistance.

As they have designated guest facilities, poor pastors or Christian workers attend their home for retreats or times of prayer.  A weekly fellowship is held at their house which serves those living around them who do not attend a church.  As a church we are privileged to partner with Rob and Elaine.