Langham Foundation was set up in 2003 in Hong Kong and is affiliated with Langham Trust founded by Rev. John Stott in London. The vision is to equip churches for mission and to grow into maturity in Christ.

Langham Foundation in Hong Kong looks at the Asia region, focuses on Mainland China and East Asia to bring Christian resources locally and help churches grow in the word of God.

The foundation is setup under the following:

Langham Scholars – supports the training of pastors and church leaders. The scholarship offers evangelical doctoral scholarships so they may be equipped to return home to teach, and train others for ministry with sound, biblical, and theological teaching. Dr Stephen Lee, the president of the China Graduate School of Theology was one of 20 Chinese scholars who came from this program.

Langham Literature – Langham Foundation also works with partners in Asia in publishing evangelical books in countries where there is a lack of Christian resources. This include financial support for publishers, as well as facilitating publications of Christian books and bible commentaries in the local languages.

Langham Preaching – So far, 250 mainland pastors and church leaders have been trained under the programme. Some are now training others in their own provinces and regions. In East Asia, resources are also directed to training programs for preachers in places like Indonesia, Cambodia, Myanmar and Mongolia.

Ambassador International Church supports the work of Langham Foundation in Hong Kong both financially and through prayer.

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