Hong Kong Island


Wed 8pm
Leaders: Wayne Mok
Church Offices

We are a mix of younger, mid-career and older working professionals who meet to encourage each other through God’s Word and prayer. Some of us occasionally meet for food in a local restaurant beforehand.




Thurs 8pm
Leaders: Robert and Helen Carruthers

We are an international group meeting near Admiralty MTR. We like to eat together, walk together and welcome both Christians and those exploring the faith. We meet from 7.30pm (bringing our own food), before starting our study.

Sai Ying Pun

Wed 7:30pm
Leader: Tang Chong Jun & Jessica Zhang
Sai Ying Pun

We are a fun-loving bunch of young adults, couples and one young family. We usually bring our own food at 7:30pm, before starting the Bible study at 8pm. We also enjoy hiking, meals and cheese and wine evenings together.



Western District

Thursday 7:30pm
Leader: William Cheng
Kennedy Town/ The Belchers

We are a group of city workers, students, mums, teachers and other interesting people meeting in Kennedy Town. We study God’s Word and pray over tea and the contents of the host’s snack cupboard. Extracurricular activities invariably involve food and occasional hiking.

Ap Lei Chau

Wed 7:45pm
Leader: Evelyn Chung
Ap Lei Chau

We meet for Bible study and prayer from 8-9pm, giving special attention to those whose first language is not English but wish to attend an English Bible study. Expect to get a warm welcome from everyone – including our furry friend, Kaseem the cat!




Wed 6pm
Leader: Alison Ma, Lusi Chen and Caleb Mak
Cheung Sha Wan

Our group is comprised of early-risers (teachers and others who wake up early for work or study). If your ideal bedtime is 10pm and you enjoy food, board games and fellowship, we welcome you!


Tseung Kwan O

Wed 7:30pm
Leaders: Nigel Gurr
Tiu Keng Leng

We are a mixed group of young and older married couples and singles, who meet above Tiu Keng Leng MTR station at 7.30pm. Our Bible study usually runs from 7.45pm-9.30pm, and then we finish with 15 mins of prayer at the end.

New Territories

Ma On Shan

Thurs 7:30pm
Leader: Ben Bradford
Wu Kai Sha

We are a collection of people from all walks of life (7 different countries, young couples, families and singles). We love meeting and eating together (we share dinner at 6.30pm before starting our study). Prayer is an integral part of our meetings.



New Territories West

Tue 7:30pm
Leaders: Ruoyu Smith & Michelle Lee
Kam Tin/ Siu Hong

Our group meets every Tuesday, alternating between Chris & Ruoyu Smith’s friendly home close to Kam Sheung MTR and Michelle’s in Siu Hong. We study the Bible and enjoy fellowship from 7.30-9pm.

Discovery Bay

Wed 7:30pm
Leader: Richard Williams
Discovery Bay

Our small, family-like group is made up of young, mid-career and retired members from the UK, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We enjoy drinking tea, meals out and home-cooked dinners together in the oasis that is Discovery Bay!


For more information, please email info@ambassador.org.hk